Mark Evans was born on March 2, 1956 in Melbourne, Australia into a blended family of two half-sisters Laura and Judy and one half-brother John from the first marriages of his parents Patrick and Norma. 

The Evans family moved from Murrumbeena to inner-suburban Prahran in 1966 to the Horace Petty Estate, one of the city’s many Housing Commission high-rise apartment projects. Life at the Estate had its share of challenges and Mark had regular trips to the nearby Alfred Hospital for stitches and a broken nose. Mark attended Murrumbeena State School, but years 5 and 6 were punctuated by precious time at home to help care for his father, diagnosed with terminal cancer. Patrick Evans died on March 22 1968; two months after Mark started his first year at Prahran High School.

Mark attended Prahran High until after the first term of sixth year, deciding to leave after getting a full time job while on school holidays. Mark neglected to inform his mother of his job until some weeks later, when she asked why he wasn’t wearing his uniform to school. Mark was a good student – the only blemish was the one subject he failed habitually, music.

Australian Football played a major part in Mark’s teenage years (and still does) and Read more click here.
My life inside and outside of AC/DC
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